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Slogan Writing Activity Result


Hello everyone,

We are pleased to inform you the result of the aforesaid activity. The selection committee has selected five best entries that fulfilled the prescribed conditions of genuineness, adherence to theme and word-limit. College organizes such activities with the purpose to sensitize students towards the issues which are crucial to the development of their Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual abilities which play key role in shaping their personality. We appreciate all the participants who took out time to think and write, at the same time we also came across few slogans which were not original and we could trace out their source therefore being your mentor we are morally bound to suggest you that whenever you get an opportunity to participate in any such activity double check that the entry that you are submitting is not copied from internet. “The quotient of genuineness is a much-desired trait that would always be a key differentiator. “ This is true for almost everything in life and helps us lead a fair life and build an honest society.

Following selected entries would get published in college magazine. The best entries as per obtained positions are given below: -

RankStudent's DetailsWinning Entry
1Shabeena Akhtar, BA IILet’s beat anxiety with the help of society
2Nausheen, BCom II Chill out before you ill out!!
3Naitik Gupta, BCom IHelp people to help you, speak to them to let them speak to you.
4Mariya Fareeb, BA IWe all need a support socially to be stronger mentally.
5Muskan Gupta, BCA ICare of mental health is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!